Beats, Rhythms, and Loops 9.12.15

Join us Saturday September 12th for another session of Beats, Rhythms and Loops.

MENTPLUS is joining us after a recent trip to California, where he DJ’d Motown Mondays as well as the legendary Delicious Vinyl. Whether he’s beat juggling 45’s or flipping a sample on his MPC, he’s sure to entertain.


CLEAR BLUE is a local beat maker from Jersey City, and we’re really excited to have him at the store. While his music exists within the realm of hip hop, its hard to pin him down to one style.


APROPOS will be bringing some lo-fi dirty goodness. His music exists somewhere within hip-hop and noise. Maybe he’ll bring some zines to sell too!


SAVVY THE SAVIOR came up to us out of nowhere asking if he could play a gig at the store. After hearing his music, we couldn’t say no!!


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