Iris45 – A Forgotten Format Returns To Brunswick St.


 What can be said about the 45 RPM single that doesn’t restate the obvious? Created by RCA in 1949 as a more durable alternative to the 78 RPM format, seven inch singles are sought the world over as both an important DJ component, and also a collector’s memory of how music was once consumed: one hopefully-excellent song at a time, coupled with a B-side of varying importance. Not everyone collects 45s, but everyone respects them, everyone loves a great picture sleeve, and certain genres (punk/hardcore for example) have kept the seven inch single alive long after radio stations stopped playing vinyl. And Record Store Day always features its share of rare and interesting 45s as well. While the masses are mainly vying for full-length vinyl albums in 2014, 45s will always have their place in people’s hearts and on their turntables.

Iris Records has always sold 45s, but those records generally came with collections of full-length albums and were generally considered an afterthought. And 45 dealers came through the store over these 15 plus years, sometimes scoring VERY expensive tracks for pennies on the dollar. Even now, I get at least one or two calls a week about 45s: Northern soul 45s, Elvis 45s, British Invasion seven inches, and do you have the first Bad Brains 45? And on and on. They are clearly a fanatical bunch, these 45 collectors, and one would only have to visit the twice-a-year Allentown, Pennsylvania 45 collector’s show to get the idea. I mean, people come from all over the world and hole themselves up in a motel DAYS BEFORE THE ACTUAL SHOW to buy and sell before the public arrives. Have you ever been part of something like that???

Starting on May 10th, we are officially joining the 45 fray (kind of) and we’d like you to be part of it. Iris has been hoarding 45s for years and has been pricing stuff up for a great debut Saturday in May.  Like our sister division IrisDance, we’ll be attempting to provide great records at an extremely competitive price. And there will be records of all genres: punk/new wave, soul and funk, rockabilly, country, rock 45s from top 40 to garage and psych. On our opening Saturday, we’ll have great DJs on hand to spin classic soul, garage, rockabilly and whatever else they have in their 45 box. Please join us! You’ll get first dibs on what we’ve been pricing up, and then you can look forward to all sorts of seven inch wonders as we go forward. For Iris will start to solicit 45 collections, and who know where that will lead? We might end up in some motel in Allentown…

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Cool Picture Sleeves!

Plus tons of assorted TWO FOR $1 selections….

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