Jersey City Record Riot THIS SUNDAY! Wyldlife’s Dave Feldman on “At The Iris Kitchen Table” this week. Alain Cliche digs The Residents.

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Events. There’s plenty on the calendar. Saturday at the store: come witness “Beats, Rhythms & Loops,” with live performances by VHVL, Brain Orchestra and God’s Touch playing from 1-3 PM. Then at 7, JC musicians Fish & Kuz (of Smoke And Mirror Routine) perform a special acoustic set of their catalog. Of course the Jersey City Record Riot is this Sunday (Grove Street PATH Plaza, 9 AM-6 PM), 40 tables of amazing vinyl and CDs (plus great DJs). We’ve also got a big program planned forSaturday July 20th“Bring The Beat Back,” strictly 45s with DJ Porno, Mr. Len, Fatha Ramsee (brought to you by the United Diggers Federation). These guys are quite funky and are not to be missed. Other upcoming highlights include Saturday June 27thZeppelin Records/Keep Disco Alive showcase with Juju Christian & Fabien Siebenrock (dark, dank house and disco—why not? they are German!) and then our pick of July: a special appearance by Lip Action, doing their endless power-pop punky stuff on July 11th (at a special, secret, undetermined time). It’s always hard to resist bands with three girls and a guy, but it’s even better when it’s a long-standing customer’s band (who could it be?). There are more great events to come. We’ll stuff that calendar of yours and you’ll beg us to slow down.

Podcasts. I’ve always wanted to interview Rod Stewart (“you were a gravedigger?”) or be snarled at by Paul Weller or Van Morrison, but maybe I’ll just stay local for now…like in my own tiny apartment above the store! This coming week will see the debut of “At The Iris Kitchen Table,” a monthly interview audio podcast featuring one-on-one discussions with area artists (musical and otherwise). And who better to start off with than the fiery vocalist of JC’s fab punkers Wyldlife, Dave Feldman? The band just returned from a recording session somewhere down south, are working in an excellent new drummer and played a great set at WMFU’s Monty Hall last week. And my goal is to get to the bottom of this Dave Feldman thing!  I’m going to try eschew typical interview topics (“Who are your influences?” duh) and actually try to get some real information about who they are, what they do and why. The interview will be posted on our website next week, promoted with social media, and will be archived for posterity. And please readers, feel free to make suggestions for future “Iris Kitchen Table” sessions. Interviewees must be comfortable sitting at my grandmother’s kitchen table and must have something to say! .

Reviews. Quebec’s Alain Cliche (see photo below) has a calm, rational demeanor most of the time, but he often loses his mind when it comes to his musical taste. And to be fair, he’s often exposing new music before all the others arrive…and that’s clearly the case with his latest study on the Residents, a band that’s been part of his psyche for a million years and has put out scads of riveting, irreverent, occasionally unlistenable vinyl. I think that everyone should have one Residents LP in their collection and I think that Alain would concur (I nominate “Eskimo.”) And our hardworking, ever-youthful critic J Nifras has also been hard at work with his own reviews and podcasts. His recent interview with Tom Hummer (bassist for Thoughts Of Crossing) is definitely worth a read. Look for more of J’s work in the near future!

Spindle Bits. Some of us really like the Jamie xx record, but one of our favorite customer/writers says that it’s “the best dance record I’ve heard in a long time” and his opinions hold more than just a little water. Here is his interview with Jamie xx from 2012…The other Steve Iris rarely gets too excited about new releases because he always has his head buried in 12″ singles from 1996 or 1984 (or Root Boy Slim records from 1978). But he’s way into the latest Morgan Geist project, The Galleria (with vocalist Jessy Lanza). The EP arrived at the store on Thursday, and Steve crowed on Facebook “it’s outrageously-produced freesyle/electro.” Just ask and he’ll play it for you. And he’ll talk your ear off about it. But hey, that’s his job (I play the surly role)…A customer recently inquired about the new Fall LP, and I spent hours scouring the internet to find the distributor (the record is released on Cherry Red, a classic old UK label). I was therefore quite chuffed when Matador emailed to ask how many copies I wanted! “Quite a few,” I responded, and record should be in the shop maybe even Friday. It has received pretty good reviews, with one writer saying that it’s Mark E. Smith’s best effort since 2007 That sounds good to me. 

NEW FEATURE! Here’s our quote of the week, in reference to the endless lineup changes of the band (there have been MANY over the years), Smith quipped: “If it’s me and your granny on bongos, then it’s the Fall!

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