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iris-musicEveryone around this store has musical/artistic inclinations, so we know how difficult it is to get your music or art heard/seen by someone other than your friends and loved ones. At Iris Records, we are happy to support the local artist community, and we put our money where our mouth is. Not so much with buying your merchandise, but by giving you a spot to display it and even a chance for people to hear it. The process for having your record in the bins at Iris is not difficult at all.

We are delighted to stock your vinyl record in our store, on consignment, one record at a time. Since most records are sealed, if you want us to play it, either give us an open copy or a burned CDR of your music. (Sorry, but we do not sell local music compact discs. This is a record store, damn it.) You can get your music to us by regular mail or by stopping by in-person (always a good idea). We have a set formula on how we play our local music and you will be put in local rotation (designed at our discretion). Supply us with contact/website information about your act, and we can pass it along to interested customers. Before putting the record in our racks, you should also tell us how much we should charge for your LP and how much we will get if it sells. Iris Records will send out consignment checks once a month, at the end of each month. Please supply payment information for this process. Stop by and talk with us about leaving flyers or posters at the store. We want to help!

Please understand that by placing records at Iris for consignment, we are NOT liable for theft by customers. We don’t have much theft, but we can’t watch every record, all the time. We are also not required to play your record any number of times or at all. We will certainly play LPs that we enjoy more than those we don’t. Since we expect a sizable response to this offer, we reserve the right to remove your record from our racks for periods of time or even ask you to come and pick it up. Check our website for updates on this policy.

We look forward to hearing your stuff! Email all inquiries, samples, ideas etc. to

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