How To Sell Us Your Stuff

Everyone needs to sell things from time-to-time, and whether it’s pruning your vinyl collection or dumping EVERYTHING at once, Iris Records can help. We buy records (LPs, 45s, EPs), compact discs, and DVDs. Here are a few guidelines for someone who wants to sell their collection:

1. During your initial email or call with us, please give us as much information as possible about what you want to sell. For example, how many records? How many CDs? What type of music? Details are important! While we do buy all types of CDs, we are LESS interested in vinyl record collections that are primarily classical, opera, easy listening, pop vocals, big band and other non-rock genres. It’s not that we dislike these genres on vinyl, but we get enough in our travels and these records don’t sell particularly well. But remember that it’s not a problem if you have some classical mixed in with your Beatles albums.

2. If we are making a “housecall,” gather everything that you want to sell into one area of your house, basement, storage space, grotto. If you are not selling everything, go through the stuff before we get there and weed out what you want to keep. In other words, get it ready for us! It’s much easier and takes less time if your records and CDs are in one place and you are not grabbing keepsakes as we sort through it. (Same thing if you are bringing merchandise to the shop for sale. Weed through your inventory at home and keep what you want. Make our life as simple as possible!

3. There is no need to make a list or to catalog anything. We go through hundreds of collections a year and can do so without a list of what you have. It is far more helpful to have it organized in one place so we can examine it.

4. Yes, we buy ENTIRE collections, no questions asked. Even if there are records or CDs that have no value, we cart them away and dispose of them. We do not “cherry-pick” your collection and only buy what we want.

5. And now the big question: how much do we pay??? CDs/DVDs: They must have all artwork, be in a proper plastic or cardboard case, and must be in good condition. Prices range from .25 to 1.00 per disc, depending on the item. Certain CDs are worth more than $1.00, but this is rare.LPs: We are mostly looking for rock, soul, funk, blues, jazz, hiphop, 12″ dance records (country, novelty records, soundtracks are of less importance). Again, they must be in good/great condition. Remember that scratched/VERY used records have no value for anyone. LPs are judged by value of the album itself PLUS the condition.To make an appointment, just write us an email or give us a call. Give us a general idea about where the LPs/CDs are located, so we can work you into our pick-up schedule. And please be patient. We try to deal with all inquiries as soon as possible, but sometimes our calendar gets backed up. Sorry if it takes a while to look at what you have for sale. Please contact us again if somehow you “fall through the cracks.”(We reserve the right to turn down or not buy any collection of CDs or records. The customer has the same right!!! This is a business, but we try to be fair and civilized. Just remember that not all collections are worth buying.)

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