Grand Bazaar NYC


Grand Bazaar NYC is the largest curated weekly Sunday market in Manhattan. We'll be selling there THIS SUNDAY!


Iris Records is a regular vendor at Grand Bazaar NYC most weeks, offering an extensive and well-curated collection of records, CDs, DVDs, 45s, record label coasters and much more. Grand Bazaar NYC itself is a destination market for anyone who misses the classic days of New York flea markets; vintage clothing, local artwork, antiques, coats, furniture, bric-a-brac, old photos, postcards, jewelry of all kinds, menu art, authentic Ivy League pennants, framed posters, handmade candles, $5 clothing, food trucks of course, and who knows what else? Each week is an adventure! 

Location: Columbus Avenue and 76th Street (formerly Greenflea, near Central Park and the Natural History Museum)

Time: 10AM- 5:30PM

Visit the for more info!